We are shifting the current healthcare model from sick care to fast, reliable, and affordable early diagnosis, enabling patient self-management, and supporting behavioral changes.


33.5 million people worldwide have Atrial Fibrillation (AFib/AF). 

More and more people are developing AFib, thereby creating more work for doctors who struggle to cover increasing demand. To find the balance, patients need to get more involved in their health control.

1 in 4 adults over 40 have AF

8 to 10 adults over 65 have AFib

15-30% don’t experience any symptoms 

Untreated AFib can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart diseases, heart failure, and other life-threatening problems.


UPOlife’s handheld ECG device is a win-win solution for medical experts and patients. 

The solution offers a unique combination of pocket-size electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) device and smart machine learning algorithms. Both medical CE-marked for use in patient monitoring.

Our remote heart health analytics platform brings doctor’s expertise outside the medical setting. Intended for daily patient monitoring at the comfort of the patient’s home.

This allows the timely detection of different arrhythmias and heart abnormalities, allowing doctors to act before the emergency occurs.

Let Upolife’s SnapECG Do Half of Your Job and Add Value to the Whole Process:

Faster diagnostic process

It takes 60 seconds for measurement and a few seconds for analytics to do the job.

Wide range measurements

Including 19 different arrhythmias and a full list of HRV parameters. HRV 

Deeper insight

In daily patient’s heart health changes. We provide trends and data scoring over time.

More accurate analytics

Machine learning comes in handy and adjusts each individual patient’s baseline for more accurate HRV analytics

Increased work capacity

Cloud-based data analytics takes seconds to generate a report. Potential manual errors reduced.

Patient risk stratification

Allows doctors to focus on more critical cases first. Thresholds can be adjusted.

Early diagnostics

Doctors will have an overview of patient heart health scoring trends and see alerts of any beats out of order.

Remote monitoring

The solution enables to reduce unnecessary patient visits and to focus on remote monitoring, still allowing patients to feel safe.

Scalable healthcare

The solution allows the Doctor to scale his reach and offer remote expertise to more people.




People with known heart rhythm abnormalities who need regular monitoring. Chronic patients where heart health is comorbidity.



People in the risk group of heart health diseases. People age 50+ and people with existing conditions (hypertension, diabetes, etc.).



People who are interested in their heart health condition simply for their self-awareness at different age groups. Biohackers of Health.



We detect and automatically interpret:

  • Ventricular Ectopic Beats (Premature ventricular contraction)
  • Supraventricular Ectopic Beats (Premature atrial contraction)
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Myocardial infarction - limited to 1-lead ECG
  • Abnormal ST-segment changes
  • QRS complexes
  • P wave duration, QRS complex duration, PR interval, QT interval
  • Heart rate, heart rate variability
  • Ventricular hypertrophy

Our algorithms can detect 65 different Minnesota Code parameters with 1-lead UPOlife ECG device.


Complex indicator of heart and emotional wellbeing. It is a general estimation of your current physical and emotional wellbeing on the scale from ideal state to a bit imbalanced and moderately imbalanced.

Complex indicator of the condition of the myocardium is a basic estimation of Heart muscle state. It reflects the state of the heart muscle (Myocardium) and cardiac conduction system.

It is a  condition that involves irregularities in heartbeats, frequency and sequence in excitation and contraction of the heart. Heart rhythm disorder is classified by a degree of hazard. The availability of threatening ventricular arrhythmias is a strong predictor of “arrhythmic” deaths. Less dangerous arrhythmias indicate functional reserve decreases.

The risk of heart disorders is an integral score reflecting the probability of sudden cardiac death based on HRV and ECG time and amplitude parameters.

The personal trend is a predictor of chronic fatigue. Fatigue Score by Samn-Perelli scale calculated using ECG and HRV and individual baseline.

Emotional Score reflects the state of your unconscious emotions, including Stamina, Stress Level, Heart Biological Age.


The user gets the UPOlife SnapECG device and chooses subscription access to UPOlife App. This can be done by our online shop with or without a referral from Doctor.

The user registers his details in the App and also adds his Doctor (if applicable). If a Doctor is not added, the user can still share a specific PDF report to him.

The user starts his daily measurements following the standard protocol or as suggested by the Doctor. During the first 7 days, a personal user’s baseline is being built and HRV data analytics (stress, emotions, fatigue) become more personalized.

Users feel safe, as they are being monitored by UPOlife Doctors or his personal Doctor. Doctors also see all the trends and changes over time, as well as to receive alerts on important changes. Doctors have access to UPOlife’s web dashboard with all the patients in their portfolio.

With UPOlife’s SnapECG patients can do the daily measurements anytime and anywhere. The only thing they need is their smartphone and access to the internet. 


Don’t worry this is the topic we have addressed according to the highest industry standards. 


Separation of sensitive data:

Separation of the patient’s personal details and health records, matching via an anonymized user ID. 

Secure cloud-based storage:

Microsoft Azure servers of secured EU data centers data processing certified SOC 2/HIPAA/HITRUST Compliant and 24/7 physical security and Network Operations Center monitoring.

Data transfer and access:

Only on Port 443 over an HTTPS connection using at least TLSv1.2 cryptographic protocols with AES-256 encryption. 

Security protocols:

GDPR compliance, ISO 22000, 22001, and CE certification as medical device security guidelines for software and algorithms. Medical CE certification for our 1-lead ECG device partner: SnapECG.

Tested and validated by Doctors for the Doctors


To be able to serve more patients allowing Doctors to scale their reach and to address the heart health problem in the society we have created the UPOlife Doctors Partnership Programme.

Individual Cardiologists, Family Doctors, and General Practitioners are using the UPOlife Doctors partnership program to be closer to their patients, offer deeper heart health analytics, and scale their expertise.

Most of the private Doctor’ practices do not have their own remote monitoring solutions, that is why UPOlife solution is a perfect match for this market need, especially during the limited in-person visit times.

Doctors can easily invite patients to follow their heart health by becoming UPOlife users and choosing the subscription option best suited for each patient.

By enrolling patients (new users) in the UPOlife heart health screening process, patients not only get full heart health data analytics and trends but also saves their money and time, by reducing unnecessary in-person visits. 

At the same time Doctor is saving his time by reducing the time spent per patient, as most of the work is being done automatically. This also allows doctors to add more patients to his remote monitoring account and earn more for his expertise.


  • UPOlife platform allows Doctors to build their own remote monitoring service. We take care of devices, software, analytics. We can also take care of your patients, in case you want our Cardiologists to take it over.
  • Scaling your expertise. More patients, less time spent on a patient.
  • Investing in early diagnostics. Early diagnosed patients get care before it is too late.
  • Attractive partnership terms. Doctors get a commission for every new subscriber.
  • The professional management team and great partner support from our side. 10-years experience in the digital and disruptive healthcare industry. More innovations to come.
  • Personalized support from our team. Language support for new markets.
  • Marketing support in your region to drive clients towards your practice.
  • Ready-to-be-used solution. No costs or resources needed for implementation.
  • Perfect for COVID-19 patient monitoring, as well as isolated heart health patient monitoring.
  • Opportunity to become a Country Ambassador and work for hand in hand with us for new solutions.