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Latvian Startup UPOlife Launches Remote Heart Health Monitoring Solution

UPOlife Launches Remote Heart Health Monitoring Tool

A new and better way of remote heart health monitoring solution is launching in Europe to address the No.1 cause of death – Cardiovascular diseases.
UPOlife’s making heart health care more available despite global pandemics, limited access to doctors, and increasing cost burden.

Medical-Grade Technology at Patient’s Home

The promising Latvian healthtech startup UPOlife is announcing a new product launch in Europe – UPOlife is responding to the increasing numbers of cardiovascular disease patients in the world (1 in 3 lives claimed), and current pandemic challenges, when due to COVID-19, many risk group patients are isolated at their homes with limited access to their much-needed regular health check-ups.

Heart health is not something you can delay. As Healtheuropa reports, during the pandemic, 31% of the countries surveyed have disrupted (or partly disrupted) their Cardiovascular services.

World Health Organization also reports that 69% of the chronic patient services, including diagnosis and treatments, are disrupted.

UPOlife SnapECG solution is a win-win solution for patients and doctors. It is a personal, pocket-size, portable electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) device. That works in the combination with UPOlife application and cloud-based AI analytics.

The solution allows patients to monitor their heart health on their own – anywhere and anytime.

Patients are feeling safe, knowing that the doctor can access their latest heart health reading online.

At the same time, the doctor’s job will get easier and more focused on urgent cases, reducing false-positive alerts from patients’ subjective assessments.

Doctors also can increase their current capacity and have more patients monitored, at the same time reducing the necessity for an in-person visit.

UPOlife co-founder Mr. Normunds Daudiss

Our current experience using the solution for chronic patients shows very positive feedback,” says UPOlife co-founder Normunds Daudiss, “having an option to do a medical-grade heart health reading at the comfort of patient’s homes and knowing that the doctor is following the readings, gives them a peace of mind, at the times of uncertainty.”

UPOlife co-founder Mr. Normunds Daudiss

How Does UPOlife Solution Works?

UPOlife solution combines medically CE marked single-lead SnapECG device and cloud-based AI algorithms. During a 60 second reading, through a simple touch of thumbs, the device together with the UPOlife application can:

  • Perform a medical-grade ECG reading;
  • Evaluate the QRS complex and many other ECG parameters;
  • Asses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data and calculate stamina, emotional, stress, and fatigue scores;
  • Calculate the risk of heart disorders.

On top of that UPOlife is capable of adjusting patients’ results based on their personal baseline.

During the 7 day period, machine learning (ML) algorithms are creating a patient personal baseline for much more accurate feedback and personal analytics.

After an ECG measurement data from the device, using Bluetooth connection with UPOlife application is uploaded to the secure cloud. AI algorithms take care of comprehensive ECG analytics and provide results within seconds on the patient’s phone. Just as easily patients can share their results with their doctors, even if he is not using UPOlife platform.

Patients dashboard mostly includes scores and risk calculation. While “doctors view” allows them to see the raw data and much more parameters, including:

  • Raw ECG visualization (Full view of 60-second reading);
  • Average, min / max heart rate per minute, average QRS complex;
  • ECG parameters (QT, QTc intervals);
  • Any cardiac arrhythmias found during the recording;
  • HRV parameters;
  • Automatically generated summary of the patient’s current state;
  • Additional scores: Total well-being, myocardial score, heart endurance, emotion, and heart health risk calculation. Also, heart rhythm disorders, stress level, and heart biological age.

Based on this information doctor can recommend further investigations if that is needed. As well as use this solution to create and follow up on a treatment plan.

It is worth mentioning that recent European Cardiology Society Guidelines, state that such single-lead devices can be used for diagnosis purposes, as much as the regular hospital-level 12-lead ECG screening devices. This is opening medical-grade diagnostic options to the much wider population and remote areas.

UPOlife Strategy In Europe

It’s was about time to launch UPOlife SnapECG in European markets. Heart diseases here are the leading cause of death. Each year they cause 3.9 million deaths in Europe alone.

In fact, researches show that the current level of effort is not adequate to address the magnitude of the cardiovascular disease epidemic in Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition, the European Society of Cardiology reports that “The development of innovative solutions to ensure access to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases across Europe is a necessary and urgent priority.”

Therefore, the UPOlife heart monitoring solution can be an effective tool for population screening and chronic patient monitoring, during the current pandemic and onwards.

UPOlife concept using SnapECG devices already has received approval from Latvian general practitioners who are taking part in UPOlife’s ongoing pilot project “Early patient screening and diagnosticof arrhythmias using primary healthcare channel (general practitioners).”

The project involves general practitioners and their patients from different cities around Latvia, one of the Baltic Member States where cardiovascular diseases are accounted for 50-60 % of all deaths.

Regarding our activity and plans in Europe – “Our aim is to cooperate with the doctors, giving them access to remote heart health monitoring tools and automatic data analytics, at the same time also allowing patients to subscribe to our solution directly for self-monitoring” says Normunds, UPOlife co-founder.

About UPOlife

UPOlife is a health tech start-up from Latvia, founded in 2019, offering innovative digital healthcare solutions for the early diagnosis of heart problems and remote patient monitoring.

The company is shifting the current healthcare model to faster, more efficient, and more affordable early diagnosis of heart problems.

The company offers a complete remote monitoring solution for chronic patients with a heart health focus. UPOlife is addressing many atrial fibrillation and heart failure cases out there helping to provide early diagnostics, as well as regular heart check-ups by its cloud-based AI algorithms. Patients can use handheld ECG devices for everyday use or order heart health assessment patches for up to 7 days of monitoring. UPOlife solution consists of medical-grade ECG devices and fully CE-marked algorithms, providing the highest quality of care. 

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