1-Day Heart Health Assessment Patch | 24h Data Recording & Analytics


UPOlife heart health assessment solutions allow you to take control of your heart health, raise awareness about potential risks, and give you actionable insights.
Up to 24h ECG monitoring of your heart activities. Doctors suggest that for people after 40+ or people with any chronic condition heart health is at risk and should be checked regularly (quarterly).

How does it work?

  • Get the UPOlife Heart Health Assessment Patch: (1-day monitoring);
  • Get the Patch by post;
  • Apply it to your chest (following instructions);
  • Wear it for 1 day – remove the Patch;
  • Send it back to us by post;
  • Get EU-based Cardiologist evaluation and personal feedback, full PDF report;

What’s included:

  • 1 x Disposable Heart Health Assessment Patch (1-day option);
  • Full heart health report (for 24h);
  • Wide range of measurements (incl. stress, emotions, fatigue levels);
  •  EU-based Cardiologist evaluation;
  •  Personal comments by EU-based Cardiologist;
  •  Shipping of the Patch (both ways) included;
  •  VAT included.


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