UPOlife Pro Home-use ECG Subscription (1 year)

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Detecting And Managing Heart Arrhythmias: 
UPOlife SnapECG Heart Health Monitoring Device

Product Function:

– Primary screening to capture abnormal information from your heart.
– Evaluates your normal heart rate and heart rhythm trend.
– Professional ECG/EKG monitoring with easy operation.
– Record anywhere, anytime. Easy-to-access mobile cloud backup.

UPOlife Pro Subscription Plan
Yearly payment of 388,64 EUR
+ One-time device fee: 57 EUR

Total: 445,64 EUR for the first year.
2nd-year subscription: 388,64 EUR

1 review for UPOlife Pro Home-use ECG Subscription (1 year)

  1. Dr.Sergey

    It was really easy to use during our pilot project.

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