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Top Android Apps for Heart Function Monitoring

The top 7 Heart Health Monitoring Apps for Android

Instead of scrolling through social media, why not change things up a bit? Why not choose to use your smartphone to do your heart some good? We are talking about downloading some of the best heart monitoring apps for Android. With their daily use, you can detect any arrhythmias and other health issues. Remember – it is better to prevent it than to treat it! And so, here are our 7 top heart function monitoring apps for Android!

The top 7 Heart Monitoring Apps for Android

We highly recommend using any of the following 7 ECG apps for Android. Maybe you will give all of them a try until you find the one that you like the most! Remember that these apps only monitor your HRV using the phone camera and not the full ECG. Healthcare professionals will still require an ECG data reading and analysis.

Top 7 ECG Monitor Apps for iPhones

Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor

As the description says, the Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor app allows you to turn your phone into an accurate heart rate monitor in just a few seconds. The app is free to download from PlayStore and compatible with all Android devices. This means that you can easily download it to your smartphone and/or tablet as you see fit. 

As soon as it has finished downloading, take a few seconds to create a personal profile. Then, cover the back camera with your finger and allow the app to generate a PPG graph. PPG graph stands for photoplethysmogram. The Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor later calculates your heart rate based on the PPG graph that it has created. The app also allows you to save any information and revisit it later as needed.


All that one needs to use the StressScan app is an internet connection and a device with a built-in camera and flashlight. Easily downloaded from PlayStore, the Stress Scan app is one of the most popular Android heart monitor apps.

The StressScan app takes a look at your heart rate in order to measure your current stress levels. You can find out all about your stress levels by simply placing your finger on the back camera and flashlight. One of our favorite features of StressScan is its ability to check the effects of your favorite foods and drinks on the body’s stress levels. That way, you can find out if your diet is causing you to be stressed out, thus leading to poor health.

Cardiac Diagnosis

Cardiac Diagnosis is one of the apps for Android that is recommended to anyone, especially those with a known arrhythmia. If you want an easy and convenient way to control and detect your arrhythmia, then you should download the Cardiac Diagnosis app. 

But the Cardiac Diagnosis app is not like anything you have seen before. This app goes beyond measuring your heart rate. What it does is it detect a change in brightness that is caused by the blood flow of the fingertip. To do that, you need to place a finger of your choice on the back camera and allow Cardiac Diagnosis to work its magic. The app also works to measure your heart rate and heartbeat in order to determine if you are experiencing an arrhythmia. The build-in feature uses a light signal to inform you if any danger is present. 

Top 7 ECG Monitor Apps for iPhones


FibriCheck is one of the leading Android heart monitor apps. It is also available for iOS as well. Not only is FibriCheck easy and convenient to download and use, but it also comes with a feature that not many similar Android apps have. What FibriCheck does is it sends your results to medical professionals so that they can review them. 

The creators of FibriCheck are working hard to prevent strokes. As you may know, stroke is one of the most common complications of untreated arrhythmia. FibriCheck is also one of the few Android heart monitor apps that have been CE and FDA-certified. Take a minute of your day and allow FibriCheck to measure your heart rate with high accuracy and speed. 


Happitech is the world’s first CE-certified heart rate monitoring app. It is available for Android and iOS to discover and control heart rhythm disorders. With Happitech, you are making an investment for life. Instead of wasting your time and money on various screenings at the hospital with Happitech, you get to monitor your heart rate from the comfort of your home. 

According to its official website, Happitech is perhaps the app with the highest accuracy. This app offers up to 97%+ accuracy at rest. One could also use the Happitech monitoring app to monitor their heart rate for stress and training purposes as they see fit. Happitech has already had more than 50 media mentions, including USA Today, Mashable, MIT Technology Review, Business Insider, and many more. 

Top 7 ECG Monitor Apps for iPhones


Welltory allows you a chance to measure your stress and energy levels using nothing but your smartphone. Currently available for both Android and iOS, Welltory has been tested by more than 1.5 people. Millions of people use Welltory daily to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure with ease. 

To monitor your heart rate, all that you have to do is take 2 minutes from your day to place your finger on the back camera and allow Welltory to provide an accurate measurement. And who does not have 2 minutes to take better care of their health? Our favorite feature of Welltory is the wide variety of lectures that you can take on topics such as nutrition, meditation, etc. You can even take tests to discover your stress levels, quality of lifestyle, risk of depression, and much more. In the end, based on your answers, Welltory recommends lifestyle changes that will help you improve your results. 

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter provides instant and accurate readings by measuring your heart rate. Whether it is curiosity or a certain health issue such as arrhythmia that is making you keep an eye on your heart rate, the Cardiograph – Heart Rate Monitor app is here to help you. 

This app allows you to create multiple profiles using a single device. Such a feature could come in handy in case a couple of family members and/or friends are using the same device. You can use the app to keep track of your heart rate but also compare each other’s results. The Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter app is also accessible for devices that do not have a built-in flash. Just make sure you are in a well-lit room and allow the app to do the measuring and monitoring for you.


While some have worked hard on providing us with apps that help us keep track of the latest trends, others have used technology to make it more accessible to take care of our bodies and mind. And so, nowadays, we have multiple apps that help us monitor metrics like physical activity, energy levels, stress levels, mood, etc. 

Our favorites are the famous Android heart monitor apps. With their daily use, one can keep an eye on their heart rate and prevent arrhythmias.

Does that sound like anything that you would like to do? If yes, then we highly recommend all of the 7 mentioned apps for Android, at the same time reminding you that medical professionals will still ask you for an ECG/EKG check-up.

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