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UPOlife Becomes a Member of HealthTech Nordic Community

UPOlife joins HealthTech Nordic Community

UPOlife is accepted into the HealthTech Nordic community! There it’s going to grow with the support of the organization and join its movement towards better ways of giving and receiving healthcare through digitalization.

The largest Nordic community for healthtech companies signed an agreement and accepted the digital health care startup UPOlife as a part of its member network. Both organizations share similar values and strive to make the current healthcare model faster, more efficient, and affordable.

In this sense, UPOlife is bringing to the table fast, reliable, and affordable digital heart health monitoring tools. Thereby, the startup is addressing early population screening and chronic patient heart health management. 

UPOlife’s early diagnostic tools could potentially save around 80% of heart disease patients, whose health problems could be prevented if detected on time. The possible impact means, even more, knowing that heart diseases are the most common cause of death in the world.

HealthTech Nordic will support UPOlife’s ambitions with customized support, access to knowledgeable individuals, useful seminars, workshops, events, and programs. In addition, the organization will provide access to international standards for medical classification. Even more, UPOlife will get showcased on the organization’s website as well as in high-level meetings and events.

About HealthTech Nordic

HealthTech Nordic community incorporates 186 fast-growing startups providing world-class solutions within health tech, starting from artificial intelligence to information technology.

The organization helps its members speed up and improve their further growth. At the same time, it generates additional benefits like new job places and better health for the population.

However, the overall goal is to bring more affordable tools to market all over the world. This would broader health problem prevention, promote earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment. 

Previous members have already marked the way for UPOlife. Within membership, they have notably improved their healthtech solutions, which are now available in new markets, for more people in need.

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