Detecting And Managing Heart Arrhythmias: UPOlife SnapECG Heart Health Monitoring Device

When was the last time you checked your heart health condition? 

More than 90% of the patients get to the hospital too late.

Have a peace of mind about your heart health with SnapECG

80% of the heart conditions could be managed properly if detected timely.


  • Primary screening to capture abnormal information from your heart.
  • Evaluates your normal heart rate and heart rhythm trend.
  • Professional ECG/EKG monitoring with easy operation, let everyone complete the ECG/EKG evaluation easily.
  • Record anywhere, anytime. Easy-to-access mobile cloud backup.



Medical CE-marking

Working temperature

+10~+45 celsius


Sigle lead

Memory Capacity

Unlimited cloud storage

Measurement time

60 seconds (adjustable)


Automatic recording of measurements, ECG data storage, and playback

Working humidity



Required a CR1620 battery


ECG recorder

Button battery

Welcome guide



  • Open the UPOlife App directly to conduct Bluetooth automatic pairing (See listing picture for details). No need to connect Bluetooth via system Settings.
  • Maintain stable emotions and keep your breathing smooth, it is best to capture the ECG track in a sit-down state. Do not move the device or shake the body during measurement.
  • Please make sure there are no high-power electrical appliances around you to avoid interference with other electromagnetic waves.

Why UPOlife SnapECG?

CE-medical grade device

All our hardware comes with a Medical CE-marking certificate, so you can use hospital-level technology at your home.

Validated and CE-marked algorithms

Algorithm capabilities behind the solution are even more important, as it provides al the data analytics and warnings. Cardiolyse medical agorithms have been validated in Oxford University and received medical CE-mark certidication as class IIa in 2020.

Cloud based solution

You can use UPOlife Heart Health monitoring anytime and anywhere. Data is securily stored in Azure cloud services. History is backed up for your needs and gives you easy access to share it with your family members or doctor.

Reports and Analytics

UPOlife solution is able to provide your heart health screening and give arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk assessment.

Personalised results

UPOlife algorithms are able to adjust your results based on your personal baseline. During the 7 day period, machine learning algorithms are creating your personal baseline for much more precise analytics.

Prediction and Prevention

Our algorithms allows us to predict the risks of your heart health and we work towards giving you personalized recommendations and warning to avoid any unexpected heart problems.

UPOlife Subscription And Pricing Options



per month with an annual payment
OR €14.97 per month with monthly payments

 Wide range of measurements

 Quick and actionable results

 Easy to share with your physician 

 VAT included

+ UPOlife Snap ECG device: one-time fee of 87 EUR

Early test-users wanted (heavily reduced one-time fee)
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per month with annual payment
OR € 39.97 per month with monthly payments

 Wide range of measurements

 Quick and actionable results

 Easy to share with your physician

 Monthly doctor evaluation

 Monthly doctor report over the e-mail

 VAT included

+ UPOlife Snap ECG device: one-time reduced fee of 57 EUR

Early test-users wanted (heavily reduced one-time fee)
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